Location: VA Medical Center, Grand Island, Nebraska
Scope of work: Demolition and replacement of the two existing steam boilers including new controls and other system modifications required for the new boiler to function with the existing boiler that will remain. The new boilers are High Efficiency, and both fuel oil & natural gas capable. Other equipment includes steam meters, water meters, and natural gas meters. Other construction includes demolition, steel access platforms, framing, insulation, drywall, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, specialty systems, roofing and finish. 
Completed: January 2021



Location: Marion VA Medical Center, Marion, Illinois

Scope of work: Remove three existing 300 HP boilers and replace with three new 250 HP boilers in 3000 square foot Building 14 Boiler Plant. Work also includes removing and installing new deaerators, surge tank, feed water system, pumps and associated mechanical and electrical systems. Building construction includes demolition and installation of new structural steel and platforms, trenching systems, concrete pads, and exterior windows. This project requires temporary boilers to provide heat and steam to the campus during construction.

Completed: March 2020 




Location: C.W. Bill Young VA Medical Center, St. Petersburg, Florida

Scope of work: Removing and replacing three boilers, pumps, fans, and all piping for the 8,800 square foot Energy Plant. Other associated work includes replacing electrical systems and lights and plumbing. Structural work includes concrete slab and steel demolition, ductile iron piles, reinforced concrete pads, and new steel catwalk system..

Completed: March 2020  




Location: Walter E. Hoffman Federal Courthouse, Norfolk, VA

Scope of work: Federal government project to remove and replace two chillers, six pumps, cooling tower drives, new piping, and associated mechanical equipment. Project provides 600 tons of cooling for the Hoffman Courthouse. Work also includes replacing the control valves for 24 air handling units. Other scopes of work are new concrete pads, lead abatement, DDC Controls, and new electrical panels, breakers, and feeders. Work will be completed in a fully operational and occupied Federal Courthouse. The use of a temporary chiller will be used to keep building cooling and chilled water in use during construction.

Completed: July 2019 




Location: Kansas City VA Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Scope of Work: Installation of equipment, panels, and component parts for a complete replacement and upgrade of the control systems for 4 Central Boiler Plant boilers located in Building 4. Work also includes programming, upgrades, modifications, testing, and calibration of controls systems. Added work included removing and replacing the deaerator and associated equipment..

Completed: July 2019



Location: GSA Portsmouth Federal Building, Portsmouth, VA

Scope of work: Remove and replace two chillers, cooling tower, pumps, and associated mechanical equipment. Project provides 500 tons of cooling for the Portsmouth Federal Building. Other work includes interior structural demolition, new concrete and steel, and HVAC, piping, and electrical work. Work was completed in a fully operational and occupied Coast Guard building. The use of a temporary chiller was used to keep building cooling and chilled water in use during construction.

Completed: August 2018

 17023 Portsmouth chiller






Location: St. Petersburg VBA Regional Office, St. Petersburg, FL

Scope of work: Demolish and install a new Modular Chiller Plant, which consists of two 400Ton magnetic bearing compressors and an aesthetically pleasing, external cooling tower. Work includes site preparation, visually appealing barrier walls and all ancillary components such as pumps, motors, piping, valves, electrical and controls. This project supports 700 employees in 212,000 square feet of office space, all in support of providing benefit programs for 1.8 million Veterans.  

Completed: August 2017

Chiller Plant in NC


Location:  James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center, Altoona, PA

Scope of work:  Remove and replace three Boilers, deaerator, feed water pumps, and all piping for steam, feed water, fuel oil and natural gas.  Other associated work includes electrical and new lights, control air compression, new flooring and finishes, overhead doors, steel catwalk system, and administrative office renovations.  This project required use of temporary boilers, generator and associated pumps to allow for steam delivery to the Medical Center during construction.

Completed:  August 2017



Location: Salem VA Medical Center

Scope of work: Asbestos Abatement and demolition of existing building, slab foundation, and emergency generator. Install new concrete foundations and new 600kW emergency generator to service Building 2. Tie in generator to existing building systems such as controls, power, and fire alarm. Work includes ensuring temporary generator remains in service during project.

Completed: November 2016



Location: Hampton Medical Center, Hampton, VA

Scope of work: Remove and replace four rooftop fans for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Building 110. Work includes demolition of existing fans, ductwork, and associated supports; power and electrical work; BACnet controls systems; new fans, supports, and ductwork. Due to the sensitivity of the ICU area, work requires temporary fan use with limited shutdowns to the building area. Due to the sensitivity of the ICU area, work requires temporary fan use with limited shutdowns to the building area and close coordination with VAMC Nursing and Doctor staff.

Completed: September 2015

14040 final picture