Location: C.W. Bill Young VA Medical Center, St. Petersburg, Florida
Scope of work: Removing and replacing three boilers, pumps, fans, and all piping for the 8,800 square foot Energy Plant. Other associated work includes replacing electrical systems and lights and plumbing. Structural work includes concrete slab and steel demolition, ductile iron piles, reinforced concrete pads, and new steel catwalk system..
Target Completion: Summer 2020 


 18015 St. Pete Boiler plant

                                                                                   DECENTRALIZE HEATING SYSTEMS

Location: Joint Base Lewis McChord, Tacoma, Washington
Scope of work: Design-build project to convert 58 buildings (such as barracks, motor pool and work bays, and office space) on Joint Base Lewis McChord from central heating plant heating systems to individual, local heat sources. Types of heating systems will be hydronic heating with new natural gas fired boilers and water heaters; natural gas fired infrared heating systems for motor pool and hangar work bays; and heat pumps. In several buildings, additional mechanical space will be constructed to accommodate new heating system equipment. Work also includes decentralizing all buildings connected to Central Plants 9, 10, and 11 and decommissioning and “mothballing” the central plants.
Target Completion: Summer 2020  

                                                                                              NEW BOILER PLANT

Location: Malcom Randolph VA Medical Center, Gainesville, Florida 
Scope of work: Replacement of three aging water tube boilers with three fire tube boilers that provide steam for the whole medical center campus. A new 6,800 square foot boiler plant building and graphics control station will be constructed. The current boilers will remain online until the new boiler plant is ready for operations after commissioning. Once the new boiler plant is placed in service, the current boilers will be demolished and removed. The boiler plant building includes foundations, concrete, structural steel, roofing, brick envelope, finishes, and all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and specialized systems.
Target Completion: Summer 2020



              18022 Gainesville Boiler plant


Location: Defense Logistics Agency, Richmond, VA
Scope of work: Build an Access Control Point on five acres. Work includes a new 933 square foot Gate House, two bullet resistant guard booths, two steel covered inspection canopies, a vehicle search area shelter, new two lane entrance and roadways, parking, lighting, traffic control signals, security fencing, and passive and active vehicle barriers with comprehensive control systems. 
Target Completion: Fall 201916027update  


18017 Marion Boiler


Location: Marion VA Medical Center, Marion, Illinois
Scope of work: Remove three existing 300 HP boilers and replace with three new 250 HP boilers in 3000 square foot Building 14 Boiler Plant. Work also includes removing and installing new deaerators, surge tank, feed water system, pumps and associated mechanical and electrical systems. Building construction includes demolition and installation of new structural steel and platforms, trenching systems, concrete pads, and exterior windows. This project requires temporary boilers to provide heat and steam to the campus during construction.
Target Completion: Fall 2019  


                                                                      PAVEMENT IMPROVEMENTS SKYLINE DRIVE

Location: Shenandoah National Park, VA
Scope of work: Pavement management of the roads, parking areas and pullouts including resurfacing, overlay, spot repairs and pavement markings. Work will be conducted along mile post 0 to 5.63 on Skyline Drive and allow for minimal road closures as the Park is to remain open to the public during construction.
Target Completion: Summer 2019 



          18019 Shenandoah



18014 Bldg 66


Location: Hampton VA Medical Center, Hampton, VA
Scope of work: 12,000 square foot interior renovation of Building 66. Work includes 1,400 square feet of asbestos abatement, demolition, and new finishes for over 60 offices and restrooms. Work also includes replacement of all HVAC equipment and associated electrical, plumbing, and fire protection. In a fully operational and occupied administrative building, work will be completed in four phases. SAW will provide two temporary office trailers for workers to rotate through and operate during construction.
Target Completion: Fall 2019

                                                                      HOFFMAN COURTHOUSE CHILLER REPLACEMENT

Location: Walter E. Hoffman Federal Courthouse, Norfolk, VA
Scope of work: Federal government project to remove and replace two chillers, six pumps, cooling tower drives, new piping, and associated mechanical equipment. Project provides 600 tons of cooling for the Hoffman Courthouse. Work also includes replacing the control valves for 24 air handling units. Other scopes of work are new concrete pads, lead abatement, DDC Controls, and new electrical panels, breakers, and feeders. Work will be completed in a fully operational and occupied Federal Courthouse. The use of a temporary chiller will be used to keep building cooling and chilled water in use during construction.
Target Completion: Spring 2019 

18011 Hoffman


                                                            REPLACE CENTRAL BOILER PLANT CONTROLS SYSTEM



Location: Kansas City VA Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Scope of Work: Installation of equipment, panels, and component parts for a complete replacement and upgrade of the control systems for 4 Central Boiler Plant boilers located in Building 4. Work also includes programming, upgrades, modifications, testing, and calibration of controls systems. Added work included removing and replacing the deaerator and associated equipment..
Target Completion: Winter 2018