Location: Richmond, VA

Scope of work: Federal Government project to completely demolish and renovate 7,500 square feet of thirteen Patient Privacy Rooms, the Waiting Room, Corridors, and fifteen bathrooms.

Work includes asbestos abatement, new wall partitions, doors, frames, hardware and ceilings, new exterior windows and window shades, new sheet flooring and ceramic tile, patient bed service walls, ceiling mounted patient lift systems, bathroom accessories and curtains, wall and door protection, and casework.

Specialized systems include new HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, fire alarm, nurse call, telecom, & card readers.


Scope of work: Federal Government project to remove and replace the waterproofing membrane, expansion joints, and pavers in the Courtyard plaza; repair the pergolas and arcade columns; repair the masonry and re-roof the stairwells towers.

Location: Alexandria, VA



Scope of work: Federal Government project for the demolition of eight boilers in Building 260 and installation of five new 50 million Btu/hour boilers with new dual-fuel (natural gas/fuel oil) boilers.

The boilers will achieve ultra-low oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions of 9 parts per million (ppm). This option will require phasing the boiler replacement in the existing plants to maintain steam production for the existing load.

The existing boiler fuel oil underground storage tanks (USTs) in both buildings will be removed and replaced with aboveground storage tanks (AST). The existing buildings will have seismic retrofitting and supporting equipment upgraded.

Location: Salt Lake City, UT


Location: Providence, RI 

Scope of work: Federal Government project to demolish existing and replace three new 500 HP firetube boilers, complete new state-of-the-art boiler and burner controls.

The project also includes demolition of the existing boiler plant, structural additions to the building, construction of a new building.

Other supporting work includes new underground double-wall fiberglass fuel oil tanks, a new 50,000-gallon process water tank, new 500kVA pad-mounted transformer, and utility line relocations.


Location: Wichita, KS

Scope of work: Federal Government project to renovate the existing 3,300 square foot boiler plant and construct a new 5,500 square foot blast rated boiler plant with high security measures and blast resistant components.

Work also includes all boilers, supporting equipment, plumbing systems, fire protection, full security system, and electrical work such as new medium voltage service, switchgear, emergency generator, and power distribution.


Location: Norfolk, VA

Scope of work: Federal Government project to correct areas in the West Elevator Penthouse and basement area at the North parking lot where water is infiltrating the envelope/fa├žade of the Court House and repair/replace elements that have been damaged and deteriorated from the water infiltration.

At the Penthouse, work involves repointing of all exterior limestone joints on outside face of the parapet wall, steel columns on the roof, brick repair and replacement, replacement of the copper gutter liner, and abatement of lead-based paint.

At the Basement under the parking lot, interior work includes repairs to deteriorated structural steel and concrete beams caused by water intrusion.

Exterior work includes demolition and installation of new sidewalks, steps, ramp, asphalt, concrete topping slab, and waterproofing membrane.


Location: Sheridan, WY

Scope of work: Federal Government project to demolish the existing coal fired boilers and subsystems and install two new dual fuel packaged firetube boilers, boiler plant components, and controls. The project will also include a new propane backup fuel system.


Location:  Grand Junction, CO


Scope of Work:  Federal government Design-Build project replace boilers and controls, renovate the boiler plant structure and add building addition for staff space.

Included is the replacement of three 200 HP boilers with three fire tube wet back 300-HP boilers.

Associated equipment and systems include stacks and economizers, meters, water softeners, propane backup system, piping systems, and electrical panels.

The new building includes offices, break room, locker room, conference room, shower and toilet room, and closets.


Location: Hampton, VA                                                                 

Scope of work: Federal Government Design/Build project to design and renovate the Pharmacy to comply with the new U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention (USP) 800 and 797 codes and regulations.

In addition, design, procure and install a mobile Pharmacy trailer to be utilized as temporary compounding space during construction and to remain in place for future Pharmacy operations.

The design includes fully signed and sealed contract drawings and specifications.

The renovation of spaces for Ad-mixture, Unpacking, Ante-rooms, Oncology, and other associated existing pharmacy space include HVAC systems and controls, plumbing, fire protection, architectural, and electrical systems.


Scope of work: Federal Government project to demolish, renovate and upgrade 134 bathrooms in 16 buildings throughout the entire VA Campus.

Work includes demolition and asbestos and lead abatement; new ceilings, walls, and ceramic tile; new toilet accessories and bathroom partitions; water heaters, sinks, urinals, and toilets; HVAC fans; and new lights.


Location: Hampton VAMC



Location: Hampton VA Medical Center, Hampton, VA

Scope of work: Federal Government project to renovate 37,037 square feet in five Domiciliary Buildings and to construct two building additions of 2000 square feet in the patient care areas and a new fitness center. Renovation includes all new plumbing, ductwork, HVAC equipment, and electrical systems.

All bathrooms receive a full renovation. Project to be conducted by building in five phases.

SAW is to procure a temporary Domiciliary modular building to allow for treatment during renovation.

The VA will move out of each building, occupy the modular building during renovation, then move back to the fully renovated building before moving to the next subsequent phase.


Location: Alexandria VA Medical Center, Pineville, LA

Scope of work: Federal government project to renovate the existing 8,000 square foot boiler plant and the construct a new 2,087 square foot building addition.

Building 14 will house three new 600 HP fire tube boilers and the addition will include electrical equipment room, control room and personnel facilities, and a new 400kW emergency generator.

This project will also replace the existing underground portion of the high-pressure steam distribution and pumped condensate return system including replacing four existing fuel oil tank.


Location: H.H. McGuire VA Medical Center, Richmond, VA

Scope of work: Federal Government project for the construction of the new 18,000 square foot Polytrauma Integrative Rehabilitation Clinic.  Sitework includes earthwork, landscaping, and utilities for the 1.25 acre site. Foundations include reinforced concrete footings, grade beams, walls, and slab.

Superstructure includes structural steel. Building envelope consists of modified bituminous roofing, brick veneer, metal panels, and glass curtainwalls.  Interior build out includes forty-five exam rooms and offices.

Infrastructure specialized systems are fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, telecom, fire alarm, security, and surveillance.  HVAC work includes mechanical piping, refrigerant, ductwork, air handlers and condensing units, chillers, and DDC Controls.