General Contractor

general contractor CM

In performing the role as the general contractor, SAW provides the aforementioned preconstruction services in addition to the following services during the construction phase:

* Government Approvals – serve as liaison to governmental departments; compliance with all federal, state, and local governmental regulations; obtaining proper government permits and inspections.

* Schedule Updates – weekly updates of the construction schedule that reflect activity relationships, logic, and durations; progression of areas of the building, phases, and activities.

* Cost Control – use of pertinent accounting software and strict tracking mechanisms to ensure the project progresses within budget; scrutiny of quantities and costs for labor and materials for change orders.

* Quality Control – review of shop drawings and material submittals prior to ordering and installing; coordination meetings with all parties; continual inspections of constructability and workmanship to ensure all work is in accordance with contract documents.

* Owner Training – providing complete sets of turnover documents such as operations and maintenance manuals and warranty books; training program to turnover the project to the owner and end users.